• 1919 Company foundation

    The company was founded by Anton Dorfinger, grandfather of the present owner, as a wholesale potatoe and onion business. The goods were delivered to the small grocers in Vienna with horse-drawn carriages. The first truck was acquired as early as 1934.

  • 1945 – 1965 Expansion of the wholesale business

    In the post-war years, the wholesale business expanded to the Vienna Yppenmarket. By acquiring a competing potatoe merchant, the company became larger and a car pool was developed.

  • 1966 – 1972 Import-, export- and chain business

    The mid-sixties marked the beginning of the import - and export bussiness with existing products, as well as the import of garlic. At the same time the business changed to trade chains. Konsum Austria and Kelly in Traiskirchen, buying exclusively from Dorfinger, were the first key accounts. In compliance to the new demands, a storage and packaging warehouse was acquired in Niederfellabrunn amidst the potatoe producing area in the Weinviertel.

    When the hypermarket in Vienna-Inzersdorf, Austria´s most important transfer site for fruit and vegetables was established, a further sales location was installed. Some years later, the company´s main office moved to that terrain.

  • 1973 – 1993

    Under the management of Heinz Dorfinger, it was soon realized that the structure of the Austrian fruit and vegetable trade moved from grocers to chain markets. By expanding the packaging warehouse in Niederfellabrunn in 1980 , a computerized packaging system was acquired. The logistics, which in the meantime had also expanded to the provinces, were carried out by semitrailer tractors.

  • 1994 – 2004 Pionier in organic marketing

    Als pioneer in delivering organic food to chain markets, the organic food lines "JA NATÜRLICH" followed by "SPAR NATUR PUR" were created in 1994. At the same time the range was extended to fruit and vegetables. Since Austria´s entry to the European Union in 1995, the international business grew, reflecting the company´s name "Dorfinger International".

  • 2005 – 2013

    Continuing expansion of storage and packaging capacities by acquiring two locations in Untersiebenbrunn and Breitstetten in the March area, as well as continuous modernization of the machinery.

  • 2014

    Development of a modern packing station with refrigerated warehouses and logistic possibilities in Untersiebenbrunn.

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